Tarjetas de crédito de Aeroméxico, American Express vs Santander Visa Infinite. Eligiendo la mejor.

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  1. Anónimo dice:

    I have the Aeromexico Santander Infinite Visa, and I am extremely disappointed. I paid about $600US and have not received not one benefit from the card. The airline charged me for my luggage even though its suppose to be free. I was denied access to a lounge. My airport transportation costs (five rides) were never reimbursed. The worst investment ever made in my life.

    • Gastón dice:

      That definitely sucks. Luis has had this card for the longest and there has not been any issues with the usage of benefits. Have you talked to Santander and/or Aeromexico in writing to follow up on the matter? I am interested to know what happened and how is it possible that they missed so many opportunities to provide value.

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